Fear is an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined. Fear is also a state of mind that most of us live in without even knowing. We live in a state of fear by creating ideas in our heads that our fears are actually good, and we created them in order to protect ourselves. However, what these fears are really doing is holding us back from all we can do and accomplish in life. “Everything that we desire is on the other side of our fears. ”— Someone smart

Some fears that we may have is the fear of change, the fear of love and the fear of being alone. We fear love because we have convinced ourselves that are we are undeserving fear change because we are unaware of the future. We fear being alone and having to figure things out on our own, so much, so we stay in relationships and even friendships that are not even a bit beneficial to us.

However, something that I am learning is that I am always going to be afraid. Afraid of change, afraid of love, afraid of anything and everything that requires me to have more courage than I have ever experienced.

But it’s all about not giving into our fears. Not letting them stop us from going after our dreams and accomplishing our goals. If anything we should face these fears, because after all on the other side lie everything that we desire.

What are some of your fears and do you think they hold you back in life?

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