Comfort feels familiar, it’s almost as if you do it every day. It’s the same route to work, the same places to go out to eat, the restaurant staff probably know you at this point. It’s the same everything, with a hint of change every six months or so. You are here, your comfort zone. In this zone nothing takes place, you have accepted where you are in life and you seem to like it, well you do right?

Comfort, what is comfort? Comfort is a state of physical ease or freedom from pain or restraint. Who doesn’t love being comfortable? It’s a state of, well, comfort. It’s a state of freedom, free from all that makes you uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable isn’t all bad, I mean, have you ever heard anyone talk about how you can accomplish your dreams while being in your comfort zone? That is because growth takes place outside of your comfort zone. To think that you are going to be able to accomplish any of your dreams while living in a constant state of comfort is quite insane.

In order to be who you want to be, you must do things you’ve never done. You are going to have to try new things, experience new things, and even learn new things. You can only become comfortable with the things you are uncomfortable with by doing them. How will you ever be a songwriter if you’ve never written a song? How will you ever accomplish anything if you give up right as you start to feel even a wee bit uncomfortable? Who is ever fully comfortable doing something or trying something for the first time? No one, no one ever. If everyone was, everyone would be living out their wildest dreams.

However, because you are uncomfortable when trying, doing, learning, or experiencing something for the first time, it doesn’t mean you should give up. All it means is that you are now entering a state of growth, a state where you’ll want to learn and go after your dreams and goal just a little harder. Something that helps me get outside of my comfort zone and into a state of growth is thinking about all the things I want to do in life. Then, telling myself that for me to live the life I envision for myself; I will need to become a version of myself that I have yet to discover. There is no how-to on how-to discover that version of yourself, or a step by step guide, you simply become it by doing, trying, learning and getting uncomfortable. Remember, in order to be who you want to be, you must do things you’ve never done.

What are some things that stops you from stepping outside of your comfort zone?

3 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. I applaud the fact that this can be put somewhere real without others critisisms and obtruse opinions. Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself. Much love to all.


  2. “You’re a victim of the rules you live by”, -Jenny Holzer
    It’s OK to change up routine, take a random day off from work to rest, spice up your wardrobe, change your hair & lay your hair down from time to time. Giving yourself a break is a reminder that you’re a living organism and is not only working off water and plasma, but also has energy sources that will return the way it is given out!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK my Friend 😉


  3. Absolutely true! The reason most of us can’t explore outside our zone is the fear of failure! Or ther guilt of not following through. But trying and losing is so much better than never trying at all. Also I think it is very important to have supportive people ro pump you up to chase something new..😊


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